Thursday 17 December 2015

Interesting Currencies

It is worth noting some of the more interesting or aesthetically pleasing currencies and from where they originate. For example the Danish Krone which features a small hole in the centre of the coin. this coin, as you may have guessed, hails from Denmark.

The Bermudian Dollar has some beautiful bank notes featuring different types of animals and structures/buildings. Need I say that the Bermudian Dollar is used in Bermuda.

 This next banknote is a beauty from the republic of Maldives.

Friday 4 December 2015

Further History of money

On the last post we discussed the invention of solid coin-money and then onto bank notes and cheques. The next big thing to happen was when money was no longer made out of items of high value, but took on a more representative role. the first step towards this was when receipts were used as bank notes, as we mentioned in the previous post.
This system appears to have spread to Europe thanks to Marco Polo. After World War two, most countries based their currencies off US dollars. Once the US stopped allowing paper money to be converted into gold (thereby it losing any value other than that you could still buy goods with it), most countries stopped basing their currencies off the US dollar and set up representative systems of their own.
This information was adapted from a Wikipedia article:

Thursday 3 December 2015

A bit of history

History and geography have very close ties. As such, I have to provide a bit of background to money, so here it is;
  As you may have guessed, money began as a simple trade commonly consisting of  livestock for things like food or items of value.
The trade system evolved slowly, notably in Mesopotamia, they used the shekel, a unit of weight based on the mass of items like 160 grains of barley.- Wikipedia. However the first use of coins was in Lydia (Within modern day Turkey) where they stamped gold and silver coins. This meant that Bankers used receipts to give to their clients, so rather than carry the heavier coins around, most people simply used these receipts as paper money or cheques!

Thursday 26 November 2015

Hey I'm Hector, I've chosen to do this blog on what many lives are based around, money.